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Irish Diaspora Part 2: Entering America

Irish Population, 1890 census

So where did all the Irish settle? If you take a look at this map, it is clear that many chose to stay close near where they landed on the Atlantic coast. However many settled near Chicago, and plenty made there way to the Pacific coast for the 1849 Gold Rush. Many Irish fought in the  American civil war; a war many knew little about, about 150,000 Irish natives fought. This is considered a turning point, for  the Irish in America. Many proved themselves around this time and the numbers show. Over 260 million US dollars was sent back to Ireland, mostly to fund more emigration. Many family member still in ireland, would say write back to family in America, displeased with receiving pictures of family when they really wanted to see pictures of presidents.

For any new group, entering America, there was still a fair share of  discrimination. There were signs such as the one below that made sure that no Irishmen need apply. For  the irish at the time, it became an uplifting song.

Soon the Irish transformed the Catholic Church. It was very small before Irish influence and by the  early 1900’s most leaders were Irish.

By 1920, in America the Irish held, 35% white collar jobs, 50% skilled labor, and 15% unskilled. While those numbers may not seen high but when you compare that to other populations in America at that time, They were very similar. What this meant for the Irish, was that they holding the sames jobs and living in the same places that other immigrant groups. Most of those jobs were held by the first generation born in America.